1. Why is the bot not responding?
    • This could mean multiple things. The bot might not be responding because you input the wrong command, the bot server might be down or discord api might be slow for the bot to respond back. Please wait at least 5min before using the command again. If it doesn’t respond feel free to DM me on discord or report it in my discord server.
  2. Can I add the bot to my server?
    • Yes, you can add my bot to your server. Chocomon is a public bot and can be added by anyone as long as you have permission to invite bots to your server. (unless you’re the owner of the server)
  3. Can I suggest features?
    • Yes, feel free to suggest new commands to me. I would like to get new ideas on how to improve my bot since I am working on it alone. FYI I take suggestion consideration which means that I may or may not add it in.
  4. How do I report bugs or mistakes?
    • I know that my bot isn’t perfect, but I would like people to report errors, bugs, exploits, or even spelling mistakes :P. Feel free to go to my support server to report them as I often check it the most. If you DM me I would sometime forget and not even fix it at all.