Bot updates

Sorry everyone, I haven’t kept up with the updates on my website, but anyways here what’s new.

New Commands

  • Roleplay (c!help Roleplay for the list)- Allow you to do various action with users in discord such as hug, pat, collapse etc.
  • Added new playlist to audio

General Updates

  • Added embeds to some of the commands to make them look nicer (not all commands are converted yet.
  • Bot should be more stabilized and less prone to cause issues .

Future Updates

  • Giveaways/Raffles (Not sure how I will do this but I want to do a giveaway globally for steam games) also not sure when I will release the update.

Cookie Update v3


  • Sprinkles price change (will change again near feature to balance out)
  • Cinnamon price change (will change again near feature to balance out)
  • Sugar is now 7 increased from 5
  • Increased percentage in getting one of the special cookies
  • Sprinkles are now 4 increased from 3
  • Added “c!event claim” (patreon users only, once per week)
  • Added a separate sprinkles percentage in cookies (more chance in getting sprinkles)
  • You can only hold up to 20 gingerbreadman (2 steals) if limit reach it will be converted to cookies x2
  • Lowered cinnamon and sugar cookies amount in chests
  • Jar look changed


  • Sprinkle cost 0 when using buy without having sprinkles in jar
  • Event claim not giving chest

Cookies may be very unbalance but I will check on it frequently. Please report to me any suggestion that is needed to be update with reasonable reason. I’m the only person working on Chocomon.

Update Delay

I would like to apologize about the updating the bot, due to my sickness and finals has been stressing me out. I will be delaying the update once I’m done with my finals. Everyone who uses the cookie command will all receive a free cookie chest that contains goodies. As for the global cookie, it seems that it’s a tie. I will assume that everyone is fine as it is.